Grand Mayan Ultra Aged, Mexico - This tequila is truly extraordinary. With its dark mahogany hue, lush, oily mouth feel, it is an exceptional product. The nose demonstrates rich almond and candied apricots, with hints of bitter orange peel. Balanced and complex.



Alberta Beverage Awards 2014

Sat, Nov 1, 2014

Tequila has already come a long way from its history as a “rough and ready” sort of drink. These days tequila is enjoying a resurgence brought about by high quality offerings with better ingredients, techniques, and yes - aged examples. This year, we saw fewer overall offerings in the tequila category, but at the same time we saw significant growth in the older examples such as resposado. Reposado sees a minimum of two months aging, but less than a year in barrels, making them perfect sipping tequilas or a smoother ingredient in cocktails.


By Tom Firth, notes by Rebecca Davis

Reference: culinairemagazine.ca